Friday 2 December 2022

Logicsoft Jobs 2022 For Freshers As Senior Android Developer | New Delhi

Logicsoft Jobs 2022: A team of entrepreneurs from prestigious engineering institutions of india to consult,design,develop, implement and support the then emerging Internet space in india. Candidates trying job in Logicsoft. Candidates selected gives raining with good position and facilities. It is good opportunities. Attend test to conducted. Apply through link in post. Visit our site for job in

Logicsoft Jobs 2022 For Freshers As Senior Android Developer | New Delhi

Company: Logicsoft
Job Designation: Senior Android Developer
Job Location: New Delhi
Experience: 3 - 4 years
Eligibility: B.Tech/MCA

Job Description
Should have working knowledge and experience in Android Mobile Application Development. Expected skill sets
Should have experience on J2EE as Android is built on Standard Java 2 Standard Edition with a new API and structure for the applications
Should be familiar with Android framework – activities, services, related life cycles, intents, content providers, broadcast receivers, etc.
Should know about multi-threading and thread synchronization (very important because you should never block the main thread)
Exposure to necessary optimization techniques for mobile devices with limited battery life (reduce number of instruction cycles, minimize memory access, don’t leak any resources, etc)
Should have knowledge of XML and JSON a requirement
Should have Knowledge of Sql Lite and a working experience in SQL databases
Should be self disciplined to follow coding standards, organizational programming skills and good commenting practices

How To Apply: Logicsoft Jobs 2022 For Freshers As Senior Android Developer- Click Here To Apply Now

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