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Amazon Jobs 2022 For Freshers As Non-Tech Undergraduate | Bengaluru

Amazon Jobs 2022: It is guided by four principles: customer obsession rather than competitor focus,passion for invention, commitment to operational excellence, and long-term thinking. Candidates trying job in Amazon. Candidates selected gives training with good position and facilities. It is good opportunities. Attend test to conducted. Apply through link in post. Visit our site for job in

Amazon Jobs 2022 For Freshers As Non-tech Undergraduate | Bengaluru

Company: Amazon
Job Designation: Non-Tech Undergraduate
Job Location: Bengaluru
Experience: Freshers
Eligibility: Bachelor's Degree

Job Description
Excel skills with experience handling Macros/Look-ups
Course work related to supply chain management, production planning, and control
Basic knowledge of Kaizen and LEAN methodology techniques
Solid organizational and project-management skill

Sense of ownership
Excellent analytical skills
Ability to summarize and communicate important data
Desire to learn complex processes and systems
Commitment to long-term career development through multiple assignments in India Operations
Ability to collaborate with large work groups and demonstrate ability to lead the team
Ability to lead a team of associates with support from seasoned managers
To serve our customers, our operations function 24X7, 365 days. Your role will warrant working in a roster that may include night shifts and/or your weekly offs.
This will be a “physical/ on-floor” role where you will be expected to lead teams from Day1.
Willing to relocate, as per business need
Details of various roles within the Operations Manager I job family (As an Intern/FTE you will be placed at either of the below mentioned job titles)

Working in fulfilment center or our office premises where you will spend time on floor observing processes, doing audits, coaching associates, which requires -
Regular bending, lifting, stretching and reaching both below the waist and above the head
Walking in the fulfillment center and around area with great frequency
Continual standing and/or walking
Ability to work in construction /distribution environment that may be noisy, unlit, not airconditioned
Able to access all areas of building (ascending and descending ladders, stairs, gangways) safely and without limitation
Require extensive data analysis to identify trends and drive kaizen activities
Strong interpersonal skills to ensure operational success, as well as drive multiple initiatives, with a diverse set of stakeholders
Ensure implementation of quality best practices like 5S
Support, mentor, and motivate your hourly workforce
Manage safety, quality, productivity, and customer delivery promises
Collaborate with all support teams including Safety, Engineering, Loss Prevention, Quality Assurance, Human Resources to develop plans to meet business objectives

Customer/seller service Contact Reduction
Concessions – defect analysis, reduction and improving customer experience
Shadowing seasoned manager on floor and adapting the knowledge of on floor operations to run and execute shifts independently.
Methods to track and improve performance of partners (carriers and 3P partners)
Transportation/supply chain issues pertaining to new geographies where Amazon has a potential marketplace
Perform market and competitive analysis as required for different parameters in transportation. Develop operating plans to improve performance and monitoring and pilot them.
Identify and prevent financial leakage when working with partners.
Enhancing customer returns experience
Drive process improvements to enhance the operational efficiencies or improve quality metrics in fulfillment centers/transportation/customer service/ seller service
Analyze and create mechanisms to improve third party seller order fulfillment
Improving fulfilment center processes and metrics by working with team members in retail, fulfilled by Amazon, customer service, transportation, etc.
Data processing, supervising quality and continuous improvement

Defining the transportation process from FC to delivery stations
Defining the delivery process from delivery station to customer address
Ensure enough bandwidth in citywide delivery team to ensure peak time delivery management
Conduct the performance appraisals of the station supervisors and mentor them for handling efficient operations
Continuously improve the delivery process and attain a sustained level of delivery performance improvement
Analysis of the data reports to identify performance bottlenecks and improve the performance
Implement the formal process control and process improvement mechanisms such as Kaizen

Program Manager -

For this role, we are looking for a Knowledge professional who has the ability and initiative to understand the business needs, analyze issues and influence solutions/outcomes. The Knowledge Manager’s task is to foster an environment conducive to knowledge exchange and learning by promoting techniques for knowledge sharing, such as communities of practice, skills directories, lunch and learn sessions, randomized coffee trials, collaborative ways of working, etc.; promoting techniques for capturing knowledge where practicable, such as exit interviewing, job handovers, after-action reviewing, etc.; and ensuring any captured knowledge is properly managed for posterity, by applying the appropriate information and records management standards where appropriate. They should be able to train people in these techniques and stand ready to facilitate knowledge management programs within organizations and teams, and to contribute to the development of knowledge management policies and standards as they evolve. We are also looking for a team player who not only leverages his/her own team to respond effectively to a variety of training scenarios, but is able to work closely with the central L&D team to effectively prioritize and deploy training programs based on internal customer need – from training processes at scale to ongoing leader development. In short, you would design, deliver high quality training and be responsible for the training results, continuously improve training contents, training means and training performance.
In the process, collaborating with program managers, instructional designers, learning coordinators, other facilitators, and SLP leaders is essential. Hence, this individual must be self-driven and have the capability and confidence to interface effectively with senior leaders and multiple stakeholders, both face to face (or virtually) and across geographies.
In this role, you will be essential to the growth and success of Amazon and our team members, from blue-collared associates to our senior leaders.

Acquiring, Managing and Organizing Knowledge and Information
Develops appropriate Knowledge Management policies and strategies.
Ensures any captured knowledge is managed in line with organizational Information Management standards, including lifecycle management. Develops innovative approaches for acquiring, maintaining and managing knowledge, e.g. facilitating video capture; data mining of knowledge bases.
Ensures continuity of access to corporate knowledge, throughout technological and organizational change.
Create awareness in the organization of the principles of knowledge management and how they can impact the performance of the organization.
Work with leadership to establish KM as a priority business lever for the organization and develop means to legitimize and motivate the seeking and sharing of knowledge.
Using, evaluating and Exploiting Knowledge and Information:
Develops and champions best practice in using, sharing and exploiting knowledge.
Coordinates and facilitates Knowledge Management improvements for the benefit of the business.
Develops the right networks and relationships to ensure Knowledge Management is integral to strategic decision-making across the business.
Exploits opportunities for the organization to derive maximum benefit from its knowledge and expertise.
Leads by example through proactively contributing to all forums for knowledge, sharing own knowledge and reinforcing the value of knowledge to the organization.
Develops ways of working that create regular opportunities for knowledge creation and sharing.
Instils an environment where knowledge sharing is valued and time allocated to Knowledge Management is supported as effective use of resources.
Creates practices for knowledge validation which ensure positive and supportive contribution.
Shares good practice with other teams and organisations to spread the culture and ethos, and expand the learning opportunities.
Additionally, create and implement development programs to increase employee engagement and satisfaction.
Evaluates performance metrics against the defined critical success factors, institutes actions to correct shortcomings or further streamline the process, and prioritizes expansion activities.
Interfaces with other processes and/or business functions to ensure processes are put in place to capture data, information and knowledge and leverage benefits provided by the Knowledge Management process.
Accountable for Knowledge Contents and the quantity and quality of knowledge and the effectiveness of its use.
Provides the description, mission statement, roadmap, strategy, process objectives, and metrics to measure success and obtain formal approval for the Knowledge Management process and its associated procedures.
Arbitrates in any dispute over the allocation of responsibilities and sponsors the communication campaign to promote awareness and acceptance of the Knowledge Management process.
Directs and schedules the training of staff and Knowledge Management Champions.
Evaluates performance metrics against the defined critical success factors and institutes actions to correct shortcomings.

Currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in engineering (All Branches other than CS related & Circuit Branches) with expected degree completion between May 2023 to August 2023

Excel skills with experience handling Macros/Look-ups
Course work related to supply chain management, production planning, and control
Basic knowledge of Kaizen and LEAN methodology techniques
Solid organizational and project-management skill

How To Apply: Amazon Jobs 2022 For Freshers As Non-Tech Undergraduate- Click Here To Apply Now

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