Sunday, 26 December 2021

Intel Jobs 2022 For Freshers As Software Engineer | Bangalore

Intel Jobs 2022: It designs and manufactures integrated digital technology platforms consists of microprocessor and chipset platforms to original equipment manufacturers(OEMs), original design manufactures(ODMs), and industrial communications equipment manufacturers in computing and communications industries. Candidates trying job in Intel. Candidates selected gives training with good position and facilities. It is good oppurtunites. Attend test to conducted. Apply through link in post. Visit our site for job in

Intel Jobs 2022 For Freshers As Software Engineer | Bangalore

Company: Intel
Job Designation: Software Engineer
Job Location: Bangalore
Experience: Freshers
Eligibility: CS Degree

Job Description

Required Skills: 
Development of parametric 3D/CAD modelling and automation 
Meshing automation 
CAD files (stp/step, igs/iges, brep) and mesh files (stl, obj, vtk) analysis 
FEA and CFD automation 
FreeCAD and Paraview script/automation 
C/C++ and Java Programming 
Python, TCL/TK and matlab Expertise: 
Qt and or Windows based desktop software development 
CAD Kernels - OpenCascade, Parasolid 
Point Cloud Library 
Visualization - VTK, OSG, Three.js 
Meshing - Netgen, Gmesh 
FEA - Calculix, CodeAster, Fencis 
CAE Tools - FreeCAD, Salome, Paraview, MeshLab Preferred Past Experiences: 
Developing 3D CAD/CAE apps using Open-source and or proprietary libraries. 
Must have created tons of parametric CAD models and developed analysis software for CAE/CFD tools. 
Automating CAD file inspection, feature detection, manufacturability analysis. 
Experience in creating custom report from CAD files (step, iges, STL) 
Scripting for feature detection, classification and measurement

How To Apply: Intel Jobs 2022 For Freshers As Software Engineer- Click Here To Apply Now

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