Tuesday 23 July 2019

How To Identify Companies Fake Job Offers?

There are various ways to check a Job Offer is real or fake. If you want to find that your job offer is real, you need to follow the below steps. The very first method is by checking the companies master data by finding its name in the Ministry of Corporate Affairs(MCA) website.

Tips To Find the Fake Company Job Offers

  1. Check the IT Company website is real or fake by examining the master data available on MCA website, http://www.mca.gov.in/mcafoportal/viewCompanyMasterData.do
  2. Check for the social media profiles of that particular company. You can check the social media pages like Facebook, twitter, and Linkedin, etc. Since, most of the IT companies are participating in the social media activities.
  3. Also, Check for that particular IT Company Job Offers in Naukri and other job portals. So, You can find the genuine company reviews in Job portals.
  4. Use Google search engine to check the companies websites, Images, etc. So, you can examine any images or data available of that company. 
  5. Also, check with your friends circle, for suggestions.
  6. Visit the company directly using the address provided on the offer letter.

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