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Great news to freshers who want to seek an IT course. Google and Coursera have launched a new program called "Google IT Support Professional Certificate Programme" which will help in creating entry-level IT support jobs globally, including India. Here You can check the course overview. Let's have a quick look at the course.

Here is the Overview of "Google IT Support Professional Certificate Programme" courses 

Google Technical Support Fundamentals Certificate Course @ Coursera 

Coursera invites the applications for Google IT Support Professional Certificate Course in Technical Support Fundamentals.

About the Course: In this course, applicant will be introduced to the world of Information Technology, or IT. This course is the first of a series that aims to prepare for a role as an entry-level IT Support Specialist. This course covers a wide variety of topics in IT that are designed to give an overview of what’s to come in this IT Support Professional Certificate.
  1. Understand how the binary system works.
  2. Assemble a computer from scratch.
  3. How to choose and install an operating system on a machine.
  4. You will get to know What the Internet is & how it works. Also, the impact it has in the modern world.
  5. You can learn how the web applications are created and how they will work.
  6. Moreover, You will get to know the common problem-solving methodologies, soft skills in an Information Technology.
This Course is for beginners who are interested in developing the skills necessary to perform entry-level IT support. No pre-requisite knowledge is required.

How To Apply for the Course? 

The link to apply for the Coursera IT courses is,

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